Education makes aworld of difference

Feed the Minds helps marginalised people transform their lives through education. We do this through community-led projects in the Global South.

From local to global

Our projects are local but our impact is global. We believe helping one person directly, helps hundreds indirectly in the community. Enabling our local partners to spread their reach means that each year our work benefits around 100,000 people.

We've worked in 47 countries

Currently running 17 projects

Why education?

Education is the key to tackling poverty, improving health and building brighter futures.

How can you get involved with our work?

There are lots of ways to get involved. We value all the support we receive – in whatever form.

“The project made a significant difference to my life. It provided me with respect. I can now read. And my involvement with soap production lifted me from extreme poverty.”

Sijaona Shomari,
Democratic Republic of Congo

What's going on at Feed the Minds?


Mother’s Day 2017: What To Expect When You’re Expecting (In Nepal)

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a day to treat mothers and celebrate them – and a day for us all to remember what a vital role they play in our lives, and wider society. The build up to becoming a mother can be unnerving, and for some women, very dangerous. That’s why we work in Nepal – to help expectant and new mothers who need it most. Hannah reports from her recent trip there.


Education Makes A World Of Difference: watch our new promo film now!

We’ve just published our short video which helps explain the work we do. Please take a moment to watch, share and enjoy! Education makes a world of difference.


International Women’s Day 2017: Meet The Pakistani Doctor Saving Hundreds of Lives

March 8th is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate all women, but especially those who we work with in disadvantaged communities.


What happens when refugees return home? Read about our work in Burundi

Refugees are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. We are working with returnees in Burundi, helping them to return home and secure land that is legally theirs.