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Our education projects are diverse. But they’re all run in partnership with community-based organisations. And they all harness the power of education to help people build a better future. Travel round this map to see where we work.

“I feel like I am now part of my community and have something to give, but more than this I am pleased that I know how important it is to send my children to school. They will now have a better start to life than me.” – Margaret, Uganda

Cameroon 684

Sustainable support for farming women

Vocational education livelihoods

Home based training for safe learning

Vocational education livelihoods
Democratic Republic of Congo
Caribbean church

Theological training for a modern Caribbean

Practical theological education

Smartphones saving lives

Health education

Linking literacy and livelihoods

Vocational education livelihoods
Bintu Baion, 36 yrs. Adult literacy training programme. Run on Mon - Thurs evenings for two hours every day, adults come on foot or by bike from across the town after work to learn how to read and write. These adults generally had no schooling as their parents couldn't afford to send them. Craftshare Vocational Training Centre, Bo city

A path to a positive future

Vocational education livelihoods
Sierra Leone