Collective action to improve maternal health


This project focuses on improving the health and survival rates of pregnant women and that of their children in Badin District, Sindh Province, an area of considerable poverty that is vulnerable to droughts and severe floods. The project recognises that increasing access to health services and health education is critical to improving the quality of maternal and child health in rural Pakistan.

The project intends to make changes in these areas by establishing networks of trained community midwives, health facilitators and women’s health committees and men’s support groups to strengthen collective action that leads to improvements to access health services.


Simple messages

Messages painted on walls in the village will remind people of things like washing their hands and going for check ups. Through our training people will learn basic literacy that helps them read and understand these messages.

"Women and girls are embracing their role as change agents to promote safer health practices in their homes and communities"

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Why we work with those we do

By design, target populations with limited representation and access to services were selected. All 50 villages comprising the target population reflect some of the most marginalised communities in Sindh province. Of these, 3 villages are Hindu communities, which form the most marginalised of populations in Sindh. Through integrated health education and literacy programmes (or health literacy classes) and frameworks that support community mobilisation, the project provides these communities with a means to advocate their interests and concerns and builds familiarity with processes that form working relations with government agencies and people of influence.


“Meetings like this makes us feel more equal.” Women's health committee member

More work with NRDP

We have two very successful projects in Pakistan, working closely alongside NRDP.

We also work with them in Narowal, in the east of the country. Our project there is similar to this but also incorporates smartphone technology to help aid the women it serves, particularly during childbirth.

You can read more about our Narowal smartphone project here.

Happy Mother's Day

To celebrate all the wonderful women and mothers we work with in Badin, we wrote a special Mother’s Day blog for them.

You can read it here.