Community health first

We are working with ETSC in the Hetauda region of Nepal to improve the health of 5000 women and girls, by encouraging them to adopt safer practices on the prevention and treatment of illness and disease for themselves and their families through improving their knowledge and recognition of the risk factors in pregnancy and child birth and the symptoms of common conditions.

We are creating 75 Women’s Health Committees (WHCs) and 75 Men’s Support Groups (MSGs) to coordinate access to advice and services for pregnant women, raising awareness of the importance of anti-natal care and supported delivery, signposting women to correct and appropriate services and sharing knowledge to reduce maternal and infant deaths.

This project is being supported by the Big Lottery Fund.

Earthquake Relief

In April 2015, a terrible earthquake hit Nepal leaving thousands dead, countless more homeless and devastated infrastructure. The Hetauda region we are working in was badly affected by this. After delaying the launch of our project and amending the our plans to take the ramifications of the earthquake into account, we commend our partners and colleagues on the ground for successfully overcoming this terrible obstacle.

"Three main factors that impact state of health in Nepal are its high rate of poverty, illiteracy, and its physical geography."

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Project planning

Following the earthquake and the launch of the project, our Programmes team has had many visits to ETSC and have been very impressed with how the project is developing and how many people it is supporting. We are next in Nepal in January and look forward to updating our supporters with more good news then.

Nepal Earthquake: One year on

In April 2016, we got an update from our partners, to hear how communities were recovering a year on from the earthquake.

“Though I imagine it will take a long time for people to recover fully, our work, with the support of Feed the Minds, has made a difference and continues to restore confidence and hope.”

You can read the full blog here. 

Project Literacy Partnership

We are really proud to say that we have recently partnered with Project Literacy. Project Literacy is a coalition of literacy charities campaigning to raise awareness about the vital role literacy plays in people’s lives, particularly the lives of vulnerable people.

Our partnership focuses particularly on maternal health and infant mortality. You can read more about it here.