Who we work with

We work where we can have the most impact.

Working in partnership

All of our projects are run in partnership with community-based organisations. We combine their local knowledge and our educational expertise.

We strengthen our partners’ ability to serve their community – by training staff or developing educational resources. We also connect like-minded organisations to share learning and perspectives.

 “The technical capacity of CODI has been improved. The project has also enabled us to develop relationships with partners for our future work.”

– Komla Szamposu from Ghanaian NGO and Feed the Minds project partner Community Development Initiative (CODI)

At Feed the Minds, we often say that education makes a world of difference. Here’s how.

  • Training excluded Dalit women in India in work skills and hygiene practices to integrate them in society and help them earn a living.
  • Raising awareness of women’s rights in Ghana to decrease domestic violence.
  • Enabling ex-combatants in Sierra Leone to establish their own businesses.
  • Helping women in Iran to acquire IT skills and join the digital society.
  • Enabling people in Cameroon to have a say in issues affecting their lives by voting in local and national elections.
  • Assisting workers in Pakistan to acquire employment rights.
  • Helping men and women in Sudan and Uganda to take on leadership roles in churches and NGO

“Education has the power to transform a whole community. For example, becoming aware of their rights and those of others can help communities to tackle injustice and promote fairer, peaceful societies.”

– Josephine Carlsson, Director, Feed the Minds




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