Education makes aworld of difference

Feed the Minds helps marginalised people transform their own lives through adult education. We do this through community-led projects in the Global South.

Our global impact

We are a UK-based international development charity that supports some of the world’s most marginalised individuals and communities through adult education projects. Through our practical projects, we enable long-term change by building people’s skills and knowledge, so that they can transform their own lives.

We've worked in 49 countries

Currently running 11 projects

Why education?

Education is the key to tackling poverty, improving health and building brighter futures.

How can you get involved with our work?

There are lots of ways to get involved. We value all the support we receive – in whatever form.

“The project made a significant difference to my life. It provided me with respect. I can now read. And my involvement with soap production lifted me from extreme poverty.”

Sijaona Shomari,
Democratic Republic of Congo

What's going on at Feed the Minds?

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Salima’s Story: a new start after a missed education

Salima, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, wasn’t allowed to go to school when she was a child. Having no literacy skills left her vulnerable as an adult, trapped in a cycle of poverty. Learn how our project has helped give Salima a new start.

Life-changing skills for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo

South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is an area characterised by armed conflict and deep-rooted gender inequality. Our home-based literacy classes enabled women to learn literacy skills as well as vocational skills to increase their incomes.

Damaris’s story: inspiring others to keep girls in school

Damaris never went to school herself, but she is determined to help others in her community to understand the importance of a girls’ education.