6 Reasons to Run in the Royal Parks Half Marathon

Aug 8, 2018

Looking for a challenge towards the end of 2018? Look no further – here are six fantastic reasons to run for Feed the Minds this October

Eventbrite - Royal Parks Half Marathon 2018

Two of our runners from 2017

Motivations to keep fit

A half marathon will drive you to stick to a strict fitness and healthy eating regime, which will help you feel amazing now and also in the long term. Without an end goal in mind, it can be very difficult to maintain an exercise plan, and the Royal Parks Half Marathon is more than just a race, it is a combined test of endurance, stamina and determination. Training for a goal in mind like the half marathon can only encourage greater fitness!

Push your comfort zones

By running a half marathon you will discover an inner strength you didn’t know you had. It’s one that grows over months of training, where you gradually realise your own strength and endurance. As you grow in fitness from the training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon, you will also push your mental determination further than ever.

Fundraising gives your run a purpose 

By running in the Royal Parks Half Marathon, you will be directly helping to positively change the lives of marginalised women and adolescent girls. Girls like Bridget (pictured below), had we not been able to support her, may have had to undergone Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and been forced into an early marriage. There are so many more girls like Bridget who need urgent help. What better purpose could there be than running for an amazing cause!

Raising awareness is still critical 

Feed the Minds challenge events are vital to raising funds for our projects abroad, which is why each runner has a target of £350. To put this into perspective, just £25 could support one girl in Kenya to complete our Girl’s Education Programme, providing them with knowledge on their rights, building their confidence and helping them to stay in school, without going through FGM. This is why, by running with Feed the Minds, you not only help to raise money towards these education projects but also raise awareness and increase exposure of serious issues such as FGM, which are still so prevalent in the Global South.


The Occasion

The Royal Parks Half Marathon is the most prestigious Half Marathon that any runner can hope to take part in in the City of London. This stunning central London Half Marathon takes in some of the capital’s world – famous landmarks on closed roads, and four of London’s eight beautiful Royal Parks – Hyde Park, The Green Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens. Since 2008,

  • More than 128,000 runners have crossed the finish line
    • Over £35m has been raised for more than 750 charities
    • Over 550 companies have raced in the Corporate 13.1

Thousands of people will be cheering you on in the streets of London as you take in the capital sights around you – what better motivation than crowds of adoring fans!

Support Network Available

You may want to take part individually or with others, but either way Feed the Minds will provide you with a constant support network for both your fundraising and advice on preparation. Our fundraisers are set a target of £350, and although this may seem daunting at first, once our runners get going they are always surprised at how easy it is! With Feed the Minds you will be 100% supported on your Royal Parks Half Marathon journey. You will receive, training and nutrition tips in the weeks leading up to race day, organised running sessions with the rest of the team and frequent fundraising support so you don’t have to stress about reaching your target. Feed the Minds will offer whatever assistance you may need throughout the build up to the Royal Parks Half Marathon. Sign up here today