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Feed the Minds was chosen as one of the Church of Scotland Guild Partnership Projects for 2015- 2018. In line with their theme ‘Be Bold, Be Strong’ the partnership supported our work with our partner ECAW against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the Kuria district of Kenya.

Feed the Minds is committed to breaking the cycle of FGM – the total or partial removal of female genitalia for non-medical reasons – so that girls can stay in school and reach their potential. The Guild helped to ensure the girls we worked with in Kenya didn’t have their youth and education taken away from them.KNIFE 5


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) more than 125 million girls and women across 29 countries, alive today, have been cut – including in Scotland. The practice is carried out to mark womanhood in girls as young as 12. This usually results in them getting married, having babies and dropping out of school.

In the Kuria district of Kenya, where Feed the Minds works, the practice occurs because of complex cultural and social reasons which make it hard to combat. Nevertheless, we are committed to promoting a culture of change in order to ensure every girl has a future and this harmful act is stopped. We do this by engaging the whole community in awareness raising and positive activities.

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Our project seeks to encourage the community as a whole to create public declarations that show they are committed to ending FGM. Guilds from all across Scotland have shown their support by signing their own Guild’s Declaration. This gallery is a collection of the public declarations made by Guilds during the partnership. Can you spot your Guild? To view the gallery, click on the picture below.


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FGM and our project in the news

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Open Letter of Thanks to the Guild – Published in December 2016, during “cutting season” in Kuria, this is a letter of thanks addressed to the Guild from Cess Wangui Mago.

Kirk launches project to help fight against FGM – The Scotsman – 10 October 2015

Time and Patience is Needed in the Battle to End FGM – But We Will Win – Christine Alfons for the Huffington Post – 16 October 2015

Interview: Christine Alfons, FGM campaigner – Church Times – 30 October 2015

Kenyan Clan Elders Are Profiting Off Female Genital MutilationThe Huffington Post – 12 December 2016

FGM in Kenya: ‘Girls are being paraded openly in the streets’The Guardian – 23 December 2016

End FGM Guardian Global Media Campaign – frequently updated page on The Guardian website dedicated to raising awareness and ending FGM. It provides lots of interesting articles and videos from around the world.