Who we are

Feed the Minds believes that education makes a world of difference. Through education and training we provide the skills and knowledge for individuals to transform their own lives and communities.

Feed the Minds is a UK-based international development charity that has been delivering education projects for over 50 years. Our adult education and training projects provide the skills and knowledge for individuals to transform their own lives and communities, enabling long-term, sustainable change.

We work in partnership with local grassroots organisations in some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities, to deliver our innovative adult education projects. By working with local organisations, we are able to actively involve local communities and ensure we meet their needs in an appropriate and sustainable way. We also support local organisations to develop their skills and capacity during the time we partner with them on a particular project, so they will be even better equipped in the future.

“The right to relevant education, and in particular to literacy, is a cornerstone for what we do. By literacy we mean more than just learning to read and write words or carry out calculations.

“We see literacy linked to key challenges in people’s lives; therefore learners are gaining skills with a relevant purpose.” Josephine Carlsson, Director

Our projects focus on three particular themes within our overall “Education for Change” program: Health education by sharing learning about nutrition, hygiene, sanitation and how to prevent life-threatening conditions such as malaria and HIV and AIDS; Citizenship by building skills and confidence to understand and participate in decision-making processes, including meetings, debates and elections and challenge oppressive gender structures; Economic Empowerment by teaching the skills to secure sustainable livelihoods, using local resources and opportunities. For example:

• In Pakistan, our Health Literacy Project for Women enabled women and adolescent girls living in rural villages to learn about life-saving mother and child health;

• In Kenya we are helping women and girls to learn about the harmful effects of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), so that they can say no to FGM and gender-based violence

• In Sierra Leone, during and after the Ebola crisis, we’re equipping female farmers with livelihood skills to help improve the quality and quantity of their harvests

• We’re helping women refugees in the Dzaleka Refugee camp in Malawi to collaborate in small sustainable businesses, improving their living standards and self-confidence

• We’re equipping women and girls in Nepal to acquire life-saving knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth and infancy, as well as literacy skills.

“Six months of health literacy classes [has] changed my life. I have learned how to keep mother and baby healthy. Before, I did not understand clearly about pregnancy and the post-natal period…From the classes I have learned to read and write simple words and sentences, and business skills. I am very thankful.” Lalita Thapa, Hetauda village, Nepal.

Our Christian roots: 

Feed the Minds has strong Christian roots. We began in 1964 as a £1 million adult education appeal launched by the Archbishop of York, and we enjoy the support of many Christian churches.

Christian values, such as justice, peace and wholeness are fundamental to Feed the Minds’ work. While many of our grassroots development partners are faith-based organisations, our focus is on transforming people’s lives through practical education regardless of faith.

Our Christian profile is ecumenical and inclusive. We work with people of all faiths and none, and seek to be discerning; just because an organisation calls itself Christian doesn’t mean that it would necessarily attract our support. It enriches us to work with organisations with roots in other religions and varied understandings of Christianity, and we believe it enriches our staff team for it to include people of other faiths, or none.