Solidarity with our colleagues in Kenya as cutting season approaches

Dec 2, 2016

In Kuria, we are know entering cutting season, the period in which young girls and women are subjected to the awful practice of FGM. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues at ECAW in Kenya as they work hard to protect and educate as many girls as possible.

Our colleagues in Kenya send a loud message to our partner Guilds in Scotland. They are united in their fight to end FGM. Cess, who is the project manager, has written this letter to the Friends of the Church of Scotland Guild. You can read it here:

The typed transcript of this letter is available below
The typed transcript of this letter is available below


“We are bold, we are strong.”
Local women display their solidarity with the Church of Scotland Guild.

 As we enter this difficult period we keep both our colleagues in Kenya and our partner Guilds in Scotland in our thoughts. We are working together to bring about an end to FGM and create a healthy and safe environment for young girls and women to prosper in. Be bold, be strong.


An open letter of thanks to the Church of Scotland Guild

Dear Friends of the Church of Scotland Guild,

First I should introduce myself, my name is Cess Wangui Mugo and I am Project Manager here in Kuria, Kenya. I have the privilege of delivering the Breaking the Cycle of FGM Project that you are supporting. I will be honest and say that I was not aware of the Church of Scotland Guild until this partnership but wow, your support has been amazing! Thank you.

Here in Kuria we are all aware of the wonderful talks that have been happening around the whole of your country and we are blown away by the amount of support we have had in so many ways. I know this topic is not the easiest to talk about, the same is true for us sometimes, but you have shown that you are ready and prepared to stand up and make more people aware of this issue, for that I am truly grateful.

I know some people reading this may not have attend(ed) a talk about our project yet, but others have and may know what I am about to tell you. The barbaric act of FGM in Kuria is carried out at a fixed time of year, they call it FGM season and it is decided by the Clan of Elders. For us the season is upon us – it starts in early December for around 2 weeks. During this time we reflect on the fact that we have many more attitudes to change and much more knowledge to share. However we also celebrate that through the help of groups like you, we have already made a difference to the lives of many girls – giving them hope for the future and letting them make their own positive choices.

I wanted to write and reassure you that although a challenging time is coming, we must also have hope, this hope has been made more possible thanks to everyone at the Church of Scotland Guild. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time but also pray for the work we have ahead of us in the coming year.

From myself, the team and the communities that you have already supported thank you for helping us break the cycle of FGM in Kenya. We wish you every blessing this Christmas and a peaceful and joyous 2017.

Blessed Christmas!


Cess Wangui Mugo

Project Manager

Breaking the Cycle of FGM