Greenbelt 2014 through the eyes of two of our newest employees

Aug 27, 2014

We have to admit, spending bank holiday weekend at a festival for work wouldn’t have been our first choice, but we were both pleasantly surprised by how good a time we had. After some issues with car hire, Bex and I (and Bex’s very agreeable fiancé), hit the road to Kettering with what appeared to be every other bank holiday traveller! Living in London we forgot what bank holiday traffic can be like and got stuck in a very long queue to motorway services! However, we arrived in good time to set up the stall and tent without getting rained on!

Feed the Minds has been going to Greenbelt for several years now. We see it as a way to meet existing supporters, attract new ones, and mingle with like-minded individuals and organisations. As the newbies, Bex and I didn’t really know what to expect, but we weren’t surprised by how nice and friendly everyone was.  In the Christian spirit, despite rain and very cold nights, everyone was happy and welcoming.

This year, IMG_3618for the first time, we decided to attract people to our stall with an interactive game. In the theme of our 50th Anniversary campaign, Bex and I devised a key and padlock game whereby we challenged participants to try and find the key that unlocked the padlock in 30 seconds. Their prize was to choose a treat from inside the box. We were blown away by what a hit this game was. Youngsters loved it, but the real surprise was how competitive the adults got! People returned several times to see if they could complete it, sometimes bringing more members of their family or friends. This was great for us, as it meant we were able to engage with more people. It was lovely to see the positive response to the work we are doing and a lot of people signed up to our newsletter.

We must say a massive thank you to our trustees who gave us a few hours off over the weekend. This meant we also got to enjoy some of the events at the festival and a warming pint in the Jesus Arms. Both of which were graciously received after several hours on our feet.  We’re already looking forward to next year. We hope to see you there!

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