New 2017 Funding Round Launched By Feed the Minds

Apr 6, 2017

Feed the Minds is delighted to announce a new funding round is open and will run from 6th April – 6th June 2017. All the information you need is contained in this news story. Read on!

Applications for project funding

If you are interested in applying for funding from Feed the Minds to work in partnership with us, please read this document.  It contains our guidance notes (Part A) and the application form to be completed (Parts B and C).  Please also read this budget sheet (Part D) to be completed along with the application form.

Applications should be submitted on or before 6th June 2017 by email to:

Feed the Minds is an international development charity that aims to contribute to a world in which people everywhere have the opportunity to live life in all its fullness.  Feed the Minds supports projects which empower marginalised people in the Global South through our Education for Change programme.  Projects are implemented by local non-governmental organisations or community-based organisations working to support marginalised communities.  Literacy is central to Feed the Minds‘ strategy; so partners are asked to take literacy into consideration when designing their projects.

Feed the Minds supports projects in three thematic areas:

Ø  Economic Empowerment.

Ø  Citizenship.

Ø  Health.

For this funding round we are very interested in applications for agricultural projects, especially with approaches that are new or different, and in applications for projects in women’s health.

We look forward to receiving your applications soon.