Empowering youth leaders in the Philippines

We are working in partnership with Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA) in Manilla, in the Philippines. Through our project ‘Aksyon Kabataan: Youth Action Reloaded’, we are developing the skills of 30 youth leaders.

In the Philippines, many youth feel marginalised and are often viewed as inactive in society. In particular, this is down to political and social disenfranchisement due to largescale corruption, political upheaval and social inequality. We hope, through our project, the youth of the Philippines will be able to create a fairer, more balanced and equal society in the future.

Sustainable impact

We are training 30 youth leaders and providing them with a forum in which they can discuss their hopes and aspirations for the future, as well as receive training in practical political engagement and advocacy skills. These young people will continue their development and leadership training through online courses and the distribution of further materials.

10 of these youth leaders from across the Philippines will be given further support so that they can deliver training to members of their own communities and create greater demand for government accountability.

It’s then that the real impact of the project is felt. Each of these young people will go
back to their communities and begin to instigate change at a local level which will lead to joined-up work, all across the country. This will give the younger generation confidence and power to make a difference in their world.

Through these groups and continued mentoring, the conference will have a long lasting, sustainable impact. This is especially important in the Philippines, where 53% of the whole population are under the age of 24.

Therefore, there is real reason to hope that they can build a fairer country in the future. By using our leaders to create a primary mass, we can sow a national youth movement which lead to a much greater youth engagement in politics now and in the future.

53% of the Philippines' population are under the age of 24 - there is real reason to hope that they can build a fairer country in the future.