Smartphones saving lives


In the Narowal District of Pakistan, maternal and infant death rate is 25% higher than the rest of the country. This is due to a combination of poor understanding of healthcare as well as desperately under-resourced services in the area.

With the support of the Big Lottery Fund we are working with National Pakistan Development Programme, to save the lives of mothers and their young children. We are doing this by training 150 midwives, increasing knowledge of safe living for thousands of women, and by setting up Women’s Health Committees to provide health support in their communities.

Smartphones saving lives

Smartphones are playing a key role in this project. We are training our community midwives in how to use them. This way, they can communicate with District Health Department doctors through and be able to reach out to them for vital support and advice as they undertake their training and fulfil their midwifery duties.

“Providing education for women has a far wider impact than being able to read or write”

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International Women's Day: how one doctor and one phone can save hundreds of lives

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017 we sat down with the inspirational Dr Sada. She’s a doctor in rural Pakistan, and, equipped only with her smartphone and an internet connection, she is helping save the lives of both babies and mothers alike.

She summarises the powerful impact education and technology can have on a community, in a very illuminating interview you can read here.

Sustainable training

At the beginning of this project we ran a project development workshop with NRDP. This is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure all the projects we are involved with run efficiently and are sustainable.

"Seeing dignity in the smiles of women completing their training to become community midwives and hearing the hope and enthusiasm expressed by younger women was inspiring. " Eddy, Programme Manager