Peaceful conflict resolution and women’s empowerment in Sierra Leone

In Barri Chiefdom, Sierra Leone, we are working with our local partner organisation, PRM-SL, to address two key issues which are limiting social and economic development. Firstly, community level conflicts and a shortage of effective resolution systems that are compromising peace between community stakeholders. And, secondly, we are addressing entrenched gender inequality and a lack of women’s rights, which limits women’s economic opportunities.

Peaceful conflict resolution and women’s empowerment in Sierra Leone

The project will train 30 community stakeholders from 15 villages as volunteer peace monitors, who will be trained in conflict mediation and peacebuilding and will learn how to apply Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms.

After training, the volunteer peace monitors will undertake an active outreach programme in their communities to mediate disputes, facilitate peace, deliver peace education, provide basic counselling and network with key stakeholders to encourage dialogue. A peaceful coexistence will be established and opportunities for social development will increase as a result of their conflict resolution activities, benefitting 3,375 community members in 15 villages.

20 vulnerable women will also be identified to participate in skills training to increase their income generating ability. 10 women will participate in soap production and 10 in bread making which they will then sell in their communities. The role of the volunteer peace monitors will be to support women’s participation in income generation by increasing awareness of women’s rights, which will in turn support women’s economic empowerment. 120 family members will benefit from increased household income.

Our project will deliver training on peaceful conflict resolution and women’s income generation to contribute to social and economic development.