Reducing conflict through sustainable peace groups in Kenya

With our local partner organisation PHARP, we are reducing conflict among communities through the establishment of sustainable peace groups in Nairobi, Kajiado, Pokot and Nakuru.

Our project builds capacity of local community and religious leaders through the establishment of sustainable peace groups. Through training, we empower these groups and equip them with skills to mediate, reconcile and help resolve disputes and conflicts peacefully.

Reducing conflict for sustainable communities

This project builds upon PHARP’s previous experience in peace building and literacy programmes, which has provided a platform for community leaders and members to share and identify their real issues and possible solutions. Together, we are reducing conflict among communities who are mostly affected by tension, insecurity, poverty, drought and unemployment. Alongside training, peace groups take part in income generation activities, including vocational skills training, financial literacy training and access to markets.

"I have gained self-esteem, confidence and have been able to rejoin school. I am able to share the peace building and literacy skills with my colleagues at school and in my community."

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Update from PHARP

Mary told us: “I am a single mother of 5 children. Before joining the group in Kitengela I used to move from house to house due to rent issues and had to resort to prostitution and illicit brewing of alcohol in order to have any income at all. This was until Sophia, the field officer, introduced me to the peacebuilding, knitting and soap-making initiative. I no longer have to resort to harmful and illicit activities to earn money.

You can read our full project update here.