Social enterprise for women

With our partners SACEWD, we are working in the Tamil Nadu region of India on a social enterprise project that focuses especially on women’s health.

The social enterprise will support awareness of sexual and reproductive health for women and adolescent girls in rural communities.

Sanitary napkin social enterprise

This project will develop a social enterprise that would be capable of providing a sustained community-oriented campaign to raise awareness related to women’s health issues, in particular with regards to reproductive health education. The project is supporting 30 Dalit women to develop and run the social enterprise.

This group is made up of 20 women who are running the business to produce sanitary napkins and 10 women who lead awareness-raising campaigns, as well as selling sanitary napkins.

Not only will this give them vital health knowledge, they will also develop their skills in business, book-keeping, and project planning. They will then share and reinvest profits from any sales they make.

By establishing a social enterprise, this project is providing a sustained educational service to rural communities on reproductive education and women’s health issues.