Vocational training for women and young people in northern Uganda

Together with our partner, Voluntary Action Development (VAD), and our funders, the Big Lottery Fund, our vocational training is supporting women and young people to get out of poverty and increase their incomes.

We’re helping them set up saving groups and access micro-finance. Working with men, women and young people we’re ensuring that women and young people have a greater say in decisions affecting their lives.

Combating poverty through economic empowerment

The Amuria District in northern Uganda has long suffered repeated conflict and insecurity, forcing people from their homes into government-protected camps. A fragile peace has allowed  people to resettle, but they often return to an unfamiliar and overgrown land with few possessions and skills with which to begin their new life.

Our Secure Futures project with VAD is helping people to rebuild their lives as it delivers support to the most disadvantaged women and young people (16 to 25 years) in the district. Vocational training is empowering these people to increase their incomes, while business skills workshops are supporting them to save money and run their own businesses. Rights & Responsibilities workshops, which also include men, are redressing the imbalance of power between genders.

Over 3 years, our Secure Futures project will support 12,330 people in severe poverty to transform their lives.

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