Promoting community development

Seminario Evangelico de Teologia (SET) / Evangelical Seminary of Theology was established in the city of Matanzas, Cuba, in 1946 as an ecumenical pastoral training centre by the Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Methodist Churches in the community.

SET seeks to provide high quality and diversified theological education programmes to prepare young church leaders to meet the challenges in existing local congregations and to sustain Church developments throughout the Cuban community.

Supporting Church leaders as agents of change

Our partnership with SET will see them train 32 students in theological and biblical teachings to create a foundation in Diacony (to serve to change people’s lives and to contribute to the construction of citizenship of the less fortunate) that is used to promote and strengthen community development in partner micro-projects and residing congregations.

This will impact the community as a whole, and by training those students the impact of the project will be felt for a long time after they have finished their training. The training goes well beyond theological teaching training and extends into community development.

As a result more individuals and communities will be able to improve their household income which will in turn reduce poverty and allow them to spend more money on nutritious foods, electricity, school books and proper clothing.

The training will help empower the communities the church leaders work in, through the addition of jobs, skills and economic security