Vocational training for young people in India

Alongside our local partner SHARE, we will be providing 80 young people who dropped out of school with vocational skills, and also support them to improve their livelihoods through self-employment or work placements.

Giving new opportunities to young people who dropped out of school early

Across India, most young people who drop out of school before 10th grade (aged 14-16) do so because of poverty. Not completing secondary school leaves them vulnerable, as it’s hard for them to secure employment or to be accepted into vocational training centres. This traps young people in a cycle of poverty. This project, in the Vellore and Dindigul Districts in India, will focus on empowering 80 young men and women, aged 15-25, who dropped out of school before 10th grade and who also live in low-income communities.

Vocational skills included in our training course are based on local needs, to ensure our project has a long-term effect. Vocational skills include: ornamental embroidery on cloth, motorcycle mechanics, terracotta making, driving skills training, plumbing and mobile phone servicing.

The young people will also have access to a bank account, a savings account and they will own a pass book. This, alongside the knowledge they will gain in self-employment or work placements, together with their newly-acquired vocational skills, will enable these young men and women to feel confident about their abilities, and also to feel excited about a future they can create for themselves and their families.

Alongside our local partner organisation, SHARE, we will be running training courses that will give young people increased literacy skills; increased knowledge on nutrition, health and government schemes; and also new vocational skills that will help them to build an income and livelihood.