Use our Partner Sharing Forum

Jan 25, 2016

If you are one of our partners, you will know about our Partner Sharing Forum.

Located in the back-end of our website, we run a forum which is available for our Partners and their affiliated organisations to use to share information.

Whether it’s sharing best practice, templates for reporting, ideas for videos or swapping resources, the Partner Sharing Forum is ideal for demonstrating work and learning off others. It is also a really brilliant bank of resources that can be called upon over and over again.

If you are one of our Partners working in the global south, or another organisation who feel it would benefit from being a member of the forum, you can register as a partner member here:

In the meantime, for a brief glimpse to see how simple it is to use the forum, please look at these two short videos, which show how to write a post on the forum, and how to upload a resource to the forum.

Please do register in order to begin sharing ideas and resources. We do hope you find it useful.