Impact map

Over the last 50 years we have changed the lives of thousands of people. Explore the map and click on the icons to see the impact we have made.

As experts in facilitation and training, we share our knowledge with our partners to develop the best project possible. We strengthen our partners’ ability to serve their community – by training staff or developing educational resources. We also connect like-minded organisations to share learning and perspectives. We believe that this is the only way to creating sustainable, efficient programmes that will last long after Feed the Minds leaves.Thus, creating long term impact for the people who need it.

Building capacity

It is really important to us that we work alongside our local partners to ensure the projects succeeds, and also to ensure the organisations grow as well.


Our projects are very diverse, but all have literacy at the heart. we believe that literacy is more than just reading and writing, so our projects cover many issues; from reproductive health to vocational skills, to peacebuilding

"Valuing diversity means that our partners may be large groups or small, community organisations, churches or groups with their roots in other faiths. What unites these diverse initiatives and approaches is that they are all designed to help people make a positive difference - to their own lives and the lives of others" David Goodbourn, previous Chairman.