Stories from our work

Read personal stories of people supported by our work overseas, and learn how your support is making a world of difference to people living in some of the most marginalised and poor communities around the world. 

Vijaya’s Story

Vijaya was left to raise her two daughters on her own. As they lived in poverty, she didn’t know how she’d cope. After being moved to a slum-resettlement community, she was able to participate in our vocational skills project which has given her a new confidence and income.

Salima’s Story

Salima, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, wasn’t allowed to go to school when she was a child. Having no literacy skills left her vulnerable as an adult, trapped in a cycle of poverty. Learn how our project has helped give Salima a new start.

Damaris’s Story

Damaris, from Kenya, never went to school herself, but she is determined to help others in her community to understand the importance of a girls’ education. Read more about Damaris here.

Adama’s story

Adama, an inspiring 21-year-old mother, was supported by our project empowering rural women farmers in Northern Sierra Leone. Read her story here.

Michael and Esther’s story

Michael and Esther from Uganda, lived in an Internally Displaced Person’s camp for over 10 years after fleeing from the Karamajong cattle rustlers and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). When they returned home, they struggled to get by, and often couldn’t afford just one meal a day. Read about how our project has helped to change their lives here.

Marikkannu’s Story

Marikkannu was one of the women who benefitted from the awareness-raising sessions of the social enterprise set up by our recently completed project in India, with our local partner SACEWD. Thanks to the knowledge she has gained, she is now able to make more informed, potentially life-saving decisions for herself and her two teenage daughters.

Monday’s Story

In northern Sierra Leone, our project has established female-led farming cooperatives in 50 villages so women can share knowledge, support each other and save money. We are also helping communities to raise awareness of women’s rights. Monday, who is chair of the Sawulia cooperative set up with support from our project, told us how she feels confident to stand up for herself now, and also how she can afford to pay for her children’s school fees and food. Read more about Monday and this project here.

Abda’s Story

Abda grew up in a rural village in Pakistan, where she worked from an early age instead of going to school due to poverty. She was just 14 years old she was married to a much older man, who didn’t work and would beat and abuse her when she asked him to find work, and who later divorced her. Abda was selected to be a Health Literacy Learner as part of our project, which has given her confidence, better knowledge of health issues and her rights as a woman. Read more about Abda’s story here. 

Bridget’s Story: Saying no to FGM

We first met Bridget, from Kenya, when she was just 15-years-old. At the time, Bridget had clear views on female genital mutilation (FGM) but her parents had mixed feelings. Through support from our project, Bridget’s parents stood by her decision to avoid FGM, and now she’s in high school and planning on going to university. Read more about Bridget’s story here.